It’s here! It’s finally here!

The much promised Shadow of Ecclesia website is finally here!
Instead of making a website with the sole purpose of distributing the demo.
We decided to debut the team behind the project. We are Project Dread.
Over the next few months we plan to show off more of our design and programming skills.
In the form of new updates and features for Shadow of Ecclesia.
Thank you for your support and wish us luck in our next set of goals.


  1. yesss … Order of ecclesia is my favourite of all castlevania series …. I know a lot of people think SOTN is the best but I played them all and I still like order of ecclesia much better from metroivania castlevania games . When do you think you will have a release date for the game ?

    1. Hello! Order of Ecclesia is one of my favorite Castlevania games as well, the challenge and weapon system made it play much better than many of the previous games. A final release is going to take some time, but we will be posting demos occasionally, check the “Downloads” page for a link to the current “Alpha Demo”!

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