Castlevania: Shadow of Ecclesia – Alpha Demo

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Castlevania: Shadow of Ecclesia is a fan-made video game. No team members incurred any financial gains during its development and distribution. Castlevania is owned, developed and distributed by Konami. No infringement of copyrighted material or intellectual property is intended.

Please support the official releases.

Feature list + Tips

*Glyph Loadouts – Use the [Select_L] and [Select_R] buttons to change your “Glyph Loadout”. Glyph Loadouts allow you to switch between weapons on the fly without going into the start screen once they are configured. You have 3 sets of glyph loadouts you can bind your weapons to, represented as “A”. “B”, and “C”.

*Absorbing Weapons – Weapon Glyphs can be found by breaking special statues located throughout the game. After the weapon glyph reveals itself, press and hold the [Up] key until Shanoa absorbs its power.

*Weapon Selection – *Equip new Weapon Glyphs by pressing [Start], and navigating to “Weapons”. Weapons can be bound to both Shanoa’s left and right hands. Pressing [A] either on the left or right hand weapon slot will bring up a menu where different weapons can be equipped.

*”Art of Jaa” Flying Knee Kick – This special ability is unlocked at the start of this alpha demo but
will be an upgrade in the final release. To execute a flying knee kick, press the following button combination:
[Down],[Right], [X] / [Down], [Left], [X]

*Heavy Attacks – Press [Up]+[X] / [Up]+[Y] to perform a Heavy Attack. Heavy Attacks will activate a brief cooldown period until they can be used again. Right now only the Sword (Secare) and Mace (Macir) weapons have Heavy Attacks programmed in but in the final game every weapon will feature this ability.

*Backdash – Press the [B] button. When timed correctly the backdash can be used to dodge enemy attacks.

*Slide Kick – While crouching, press [A]. Like the Backdash, Shanoa can avoid damage by sliding past enemies.

*Equipment Selection – Different equipment items will be available in the final game. This build starts the player off with
3 different equipment items that can be donned in the “Equipment” menu on the Start Screen. Equipment you select can change Shanoa’s color in-game!